Founder, Director, and Convener

Dr. Paul H. Elovitz, PhD, began organizing scholarly meetings when he started as a faculty member at Ramapo College and then as convener of the Institute for Psychohistory Saturday Workshops (1975-1982). In 1982 he founded the Psychohistory Forum to nurture psychohistorical research and continues to lead its Executive Council. In 1994 he created Clio’s Psyche ( to publish its scholarship, of which he is Editor-in-Chief. Prof. Elovitz is a historian, psychoanalytic researcher, and author of about 400 publications, covering presidential psychobiography, teaching, documenting the field of psychohistory, and much more. After taking his doctoral degree in history, he trained and practiced as a psychoanalyst, and in 2019 was made the first Research Psychoanalyst by the New Jersey Institute for Psychoanalysis. Elovitz is the author of The Making of Psychohistory, editor of The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychohistory, and edited or wrote eight other books. He is a founding member and past president of the International Psychohistorical Association (1978-) who serves on its leadership council and presents at all meetings. Prof. Elovitz is a founding faculty member at Ramapo College who previously taught at Temple, Rutgers, and Fairleigh Dickinson universities. He may be contacted at

Associate Director

Inna Rozentsvit, MD, PhD, MBA, MSciEd, is a neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist, trained in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, with extensive experience in brain trauma, autoimmune neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. She is a founder of Neurorecovery Solutions, Inc. (, a non-profit organization that helps the neurologically impaired and their caregivers in their often heart-breaking journey to well-being. Dr. Rozentsvit is passionate about people and supporting the possibilities that all people proclaim to be. This passion fueled her publishing endeavors, which were realized by founding ORI Academic Press (, the MindMend Publishing Co., and the MindConsiliums (a trans-disciplinary journal with a main focus on the cross-pollination of knowledge and experience from various mental health, medicine, and science fields, Dr. Rozentsvit is the scientific faculty member, programs director, and administrator of the Object Relations Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (ORI, in NYC. She may be contacted at


Nicole D’Andria, BA, is known for her efficient work. She specializes in editing scholarship and pop culture content. She is a Researcher, Editorial Associate, and Microsoft Publisher Software Specialist for Clio’s Psyche and the Psychohistory Forum. Nicole started helping to edit Clio’s Psyche with the December 2013 issue of the journal as well as helping to edit Dr. Paul Elovitz’ The Making of Psychohistory and The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychohistory. Two of her articles have been featured in Clio’s Psyche, one of which won a Young Scholar Award. She also serves as a Copy Editor for ORI Academic Press and intermittently acts as an Editorial Assistant for the Journal for the Advancement of Scientific Psychoanalytic Empirical Research (J.A.S.P.E.R.), assisting with the editing of three issues. Nicole can be contacted on her website,

Leadership Council

  • James Anderson, PhD Northwestern University
  • Ken Fuchsman, EdD University of Connecticut
  • Juhani Ihanus, PhD University of Helsinki
  • Claude-Hélène Mayer, PhD University of Johannesburg
  • Denis O’Keefe, PhD New York University
  • Peter Petschauer, PhD Appalachian State University
  • Inna Rozentsvit, MD Object Relations Institute
Speakers at the Psychohistory Forum 30-Year Celebration: David Beisel, Ken Fuchsman, Paul Elovitz, and Jaques Szaluta.

Our Journal, Clio’s Psyche’s, Editorial Board

  • Fred Alford, PhD University of Maryland
  • James W. Anderson, PhD Northwestern University
  • David Beisel, PhDRCC-SUNY
  • Donald Carveth, PhD York University
  • Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPPAusten Riggs Center
  • Lawrence J. Friedman, PhDHarvard University
  • Ken Fuchsman, EdDUniversity of Connecticut
  • Peter Loewenberg, PhDUCLA
  • Peter Petschauer, PhD Appalachian State University
  • Vamık Volkan, MD University of Virginia


Paul Elovitz
John Fitzpatrick/Bruce Mazlish
Howard Stein
Peter Lowenberg
Charles B. Strozier
Alice Eichholz
Molly Castelloe
Denis J. O’Keefe
Joseph Kramp
David Cifelli

Watch Paul H. Elovitz, PhD, Director/Convener of the Psychohistory Forum, present on “The Future of Psychohistory” at the 39th International Psychohistorical Association (IPA) Conference, June 1, 2016.

Watch Paul H. Elovitz, PhD, Director/Convener of the Psychohistory Forum, present on “Leadership in Freudianism and Psychohistory” at the 38th International Psychohistorical Association (IPA) Conference, June 4, 2015.