Benefits to Members

The advantages of working with a worldwide network of psychohistorical colleagues:

  • An opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a scholarly movement
  • The opportunities to have input on your work-in-progress from psychohistorical colleagues in a nurturing environment
  • Opportunities to work with senior, very experience psychohistorians
  • Discover intercultural and transcultural approaches to psychohistory
  • For non-U.S. colleagues, a digital, personal-only use of The Many Roads of the Builders of Psychobiography
  • Opportunities to publish your psychohistorical research in Clio’s Psycheand elsewhere
  • Opportunities to present papers at both the Psychohistory Forum and the International Psychohistorical Association (IPA)
  • A place to publish a variety of psychohistorical studies
  • Invitation to publish autobiographies and psychobiographies of veteran psychobiographical psychohistorians
  • Participate in creating the edited book, The Autobiographies of Psychobiographers
  • Share different methodologies. Advocate for a methodology focused initially on primary sources, childhood experiences, countertransference feelings, personality development, motivation, trauma, and the unconscious (see methodology below)
  • Discounts and scholarships to participate in courses on psychobiography or related subjects taught at psychoanalytic institutes

Application to Join the Psychohistory Forum and Receive Clio’s Psyche

Thank you for your interest in joining the Psychohistory Forum, which includes a subscription to the three-times-a-year publication of the Clio’s Psyche journal. To request your membership/subscription, please complete and submit the form below.


For additional information on membership, please email- Paul H. Elovitz, PhD

Please make check or money order payable in US dollars to The Psychohistory Forum, 627 Dakota Trail, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 USA

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